Meet the Editors: Jeffrey Carver

Meet Jeffrey C. Carver

Associate Professor, University of Alabama

  • In what “slice” of CiSE do you work?

My work focuses on understanding how best to apply software engineering principles to the development of computational software. This work encompasses both evaluating existing approaches as well as determine new approaches and tailorings that are required.

  • What is the most exciting aspect about your work for the near future? The far future?

I see more openness and willingness to appropriate, light-weight software engineering practices. I hope that as more appropriate techniques are developed and validated, this trend will continue in the future.

  • Big Data… What’s more exciting or important (or is there anything more important)?

There are some interesting possibilities with Big Data. My biggest concern is that many in the field may be approaching their analysis in a less-than-scientific manner. Therefore, correlations or patterns identified may sometimes be of questionable value or generalizability.

  • What is the most important application of HPC/computational science/data visualization in your opinion? (Protein simulation, climate modeling, etc.) Why?

Medical informatics and drug discovery. The ability to harness the power of HPC/computational science/data visualization to understand patterns and trends in diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions has the potential to greatly improve both the overall health of the population as well as lower the overall cost of healthcare.

  • Conversely, what is the scariest?

Government surveillance. In theory some of these practices are benign, but put in the wrong hands or unchecked, these practices could lead to scary conclusions and impacts on the larger population.

  • Why do you do what you do?

As a software engineering researcher, working with scientists and engineers of various types is quite interesting. I get the opportunity to be exposed to problems and issues that I would be unlikely to encounter as a typical software engineering researcher. These encounters provide quite a different take on what I do every day.

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