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Authors for Computing in Science & Engineering magazine contribute articles on a broad range of topics, and our readers come from a variety of computational fields (read our description and FAQ pages for more information about the magazine and its coverage).

In addition to full-length articles, CiSE has departments that cover news and analysis, education, industrial applications, book and Web?reviews, scientific programming, grid computing, visualization, and conference reports.

Upcoming Issues

May/June 2014

Software Engineering for Computational Science and Engineering

July/August 2014

Extreme Data

September/October 2014

Leadership Computing in Science & Engineering

November/December 2014

Scientific Software Days

General guidelines

We accept submissions in plain text, Word for Windows, LaTex, Postscript, and PDF formats. Feature articles typically run between 2,400 and 7,200 words (with tables and figures counting as 250 words each). Department editors have their own word count guidelines; see the Department Guidelines page for full information.

All articles and department pieces are edited by our staff. Our ultimate goal is to work closely with you to produce a technically accurate, timely, useful, and readable article. Accordingly, our editing process is entirely iterative: our editors will work back and forth with you until you’re pleased with the final results. We’ll start by making any needed changes for spelling, grammar, magazine style, and overall clarity and readability. These changes can affect the article’s organization: as a magazine, CiSE avoids many of the writing conventions of journals and transactions in favor of active, direct, lively, and interesting writing that “tells a story.”

To submit a manuscript, please see the next section; more detailed information for authors appears in the Author Center section down below and in Manuscript Central.

For more detailed information, please click here to read all the things you need to know about submitting material to CiSE.

How to Submit a Manuscript

The IEEE Computer Society now employs a secure, Web-based manuscript submission and peer-review tracking system. Authors must use Manuscript Central to upload their submissions. First-time users must create a new account.

Please see our submission guidelines and requirements located in the Author Center.

For general questions on using Manuscript Central, see our FAQ page.

If you are familiar with the manuscript process and wish to bypass the guidelines, please click the “Submit” button.